What is the Use of Google Documents?

Are you wondering on what is Google document? Google document is a web-base server free to use on saving data for someone who wants to back up their files.  It serves like a storage where you can save freely your files and access it anywhere you want with the use of an internet connection. This online application helps the user to write and edit their documents online while they are able to work with another their ideas. This application is a combination of spreadsheets and write-ups that has a presentation program in lined with the technology created by Tonic system.

Google documents serves as Google software service office suite. Anyone who uses the application can create their own presentation, documents and spreadsheets that they could also imported from the web interface. They can also email their works that comes in different formats. You can save your work as HTML, PDF, RTF, ODF, Office open XML and Text. The documents that you made is automatically save in the Google’s server in order to avoid any data loss and a history for your revisions. You can view in your revision history your past edited files. To be more organized the documents is tag according to their type of content and is archive for some purposes. The Google documents recently supported on the versions of IE (internet Explorer), Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that is commonly runs on the Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS and Apple Operating System X.

This application also offers a collaborative way of editing your documents using other editing tools. The documents you have made can be shared that can be open and edit by other user of the program. When an individual share his documents, he is not able to get a notification of the changes that has done in the documents but he can rather get notification from the comment or any discussion regarding the documents that he shared. You cannot trace any highlights for the revision that’s been made in your documents.

Google document is one of the cloud computing services for sharing documents. Most of the document-sharing services cost fees while the Google document is free. The Google document is very popular to the growing number of the businesses because of its great features and availability. Google documents rapidly gains more popularity for students and to the educational institutions. The Google document is automatically updated every time the MS Office is being saved. Many users can work on a particular document at the same time.

Google documents include a 1 GB free storage when it was first launch.  From the time it was launched there was file limits for all the users. The users must not exceed in 1 GB as of January 13, 2010. The image should not also exceed up to 2 MB per file.

But the free storage has increase to 5 GB on the 24th of April in the year 2012. It was then known to public as the Google Drive and has 15 GB for file storage and provides services for free users.