Things You Should Know about Google Documents

Whenever you are using a web-based service, there are things you should know. Google Documents is not a new service, but it is increasing in popularity in the recent years. Many of today’s students, businesses, and institutions are now using the services and tools of Google Docs to their advantage. The cloud environment has security issues that must be considered, so if you are using Google Docs or other relevant services, you must be cautious.

Google Documents is not only accessed through your desktop or laptop, but mobile access is possible, as well. You can access the service through the Android and iPhone/iPad. Check with Google Play Store to get the free app on your Android, so you can edit, view, or create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. You can also use it to take photos, sign, or convert text through optical character recognition.

The Safari browser on your iPad and iPhone can be used to view presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. If you have files on Google Docs, you can use your mobile phone for viewing or editing.

Is there something new that you can look forward to when you use Google Docs?

Like other apps or software in the market, Google Documents is closely monitoring the suggestions of users. First on the list is the Google Presentations feature. Here is a rundown of latest updates –

  • Character by character collaboration, so you can see other people’s editing
  • Draw design diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts with ease
  • Chat with other users
  • New and enhanced animations
  • Revision history
  • Shape linking to other webpages, presentations, and slides
  • New themes
  • Aside from the Google Presentations, you can also use the paint format tool which is also new. With one click, you can copy a text’s style to other documents such as the color, font, size, and formatting.

    Other new things you can expect from Google Documents are the following:

  • To collaborate and visualize data on the internet, you can use the Fusion Tables
  • Drawing’s drag and drop feature, and you can easily add shapes or texts
  • Spreadsheets subtotal function; this feature works well with filters
  • Print documents using your mobile phone or device with one click through Cloud Print
  • Android users will love the total of 46 supported languages; use your Android to insert images on documents
  • Google Documents has gone a long way since it was first launched in the market. Today, the functions are more intuitive. There are new keyboard shortcuts, and you will love the new look of the document list. It is also possible to use spreadsheets into your drawings and documents. You can also look forward to using other file types like RAR and ZIP.

    Various improvements have also been made in the Cloud Connect, discussions, Help Center, file upload, mobile docs, right-to-left tables, and many others. Users of the Google Documents can look forward to new and better services. It is hard to find a free service that is effective and easy to use. Check out Google Docs today, and enjoy the preparation of spreadsheets, documents, and other files!