The Web-Based Word Processor and File Sharing Service

The Google document is an alternative for the MS Word and excel. The only advantage of it is that it allows collaboration on a particular document and thus able others to edit the documents. Through the use of this service, file sharing to your network is easy. With just one single click your files is shared to a network of people who are working with you.

You can create your document and spreadsheet using the Google docs without saving it to your computer’s hard drive. Thus keeping your file safe when your windows crash or when your computer was infected with virus. The file sharing is also free from any malware or worms that could affect the system unit of your computer.

Your files in this online storage are safe and secure. You can access your files or data online in any computer, anytime you want and anywhere you go. All you have to do is create an account for you to benefits for all of this free service given by the Google. Using the Google docs you can upload word documents, Rtf, Html or an open office type of file. You can use the online editor when formatting your documents and to check for misspelled words. You can also edit files online from anyone you want. The user of this service can invite other users to edit and view his/her documents. Another use of the Google document is that you can view the history of the documents that you have edited. They can also publish the spreadsheets and documents that they have made online for the world to see or you can just choose for whom you want your document to be viewed. Blogger can also make use of this to post on to their blog instead of using the Microsoft Word processor. Only that they can only use the service with the aid of internet connection thus making it more essential for them to use because everything they want to look for on information is in the internet. Thus makes it for them to be more preferably than writing offline. But some prefer to write offline but the great advantage of writing online is whenever you want to access some information you are able to get it easily. The Google docs also make it possible for someone to download documents on different file format. Somehow the Google Spreadsheet allows you to do like importing and exporting of files like .xls, .ods, .and .csv formats. The user can enjoy an intuitive editing and navigation like the traditional documents and spreadsheets. This also has feature for the users to chat with other user they want to chat with. And of course, you can invite others to view or edit your spreadsheets.

Since the Google document is online, you need to take note of the browser that supports the service to enjoy unlimited features. It will only work on Windows and Macintosh computers with Firefox, internet explorer (windows), Mozilla, chrome and netscape.