The Powerful Features of Google Docs to Support the Process of CollaborativeWriting

The modern days have opened lots of new opportunities for individuals in terms of creation and sharing. The existence of online applications and software is considered a life-changing thing. This has become beneficial to people in improving productivity and workmanship. Google Docs are just one of the countless features offered by the internet world. This has benefited lots of individuals from different sectors. Google Docs are also the reason why collaborative writing has shifted into a more established level.

Google Docs are an online set of advanced digital tools providing teachers with convenient features in order to help students develop their writing skills. This is packed with various features that entail amazing benefits and convenience to both teachers and students. These features are as follows:

1)Writing at a Glance

Google Docs provide writing support including small group instructions and formats that aid in empowering students and helping them redefine the process of writing. These are highly essential especially for those new writers or learners. Google Docs also have features that are ideal to meet the level of needs of the learners. Google Docs can also be of valuable help in writing drafts, editing process and more.

2)Commenting and Sharing for Immediate Feedback and Collaboration

Comments and document sharing offer writers with opportunities of receiving feedback anytime. Since Google docs are stored over the internet, student can work even at home as long as they have a personal computer and internet connection. They are allowed t visit their work and see if someone has made comments. With Google Docs, individuals can click and highlight comment.

The most interesting thing about this is that individuals especially the students and writers can easily pinpoint the part that needs revision. Google docs also provide real time collaboration support for teachers and students for them to have a virtual conference in line with works, projects or writing trainings.

3)Research Tool

This is probably the most amazing and impressive feature of Google Docs. This aids in providing integrated and updated research tool that is readily available on a particular page. Useful content-buttons are included allowing users to insert images, maps, citations, links and documents with just few clicks on the button.  Users can minimize searches to find only the necessary quotations, images and scholarly information. This research tool also offers students with easy access to information needed on their field.

4)Grammar Support and Spelling Checker

Accuracy and excellence in grammars make up an ideal and substantial writing. The Google Docs are therefore an advantage for these provide amazing grammar support and spelling checker capability to ensure quality and high standard writing. This help students and writers easily determine misspelled words and grammatical errors in their works and make the suggested corrections. Google spelling service is proven to be more accurate and comprehensive. As a matter of fact, clinging to Google Docs is a better alternative than relying on a typical dictionary.

Other powerful features of Google Docs that are highly essential in collaborative writing include revision history, templates, autosave and more.