The Newest Google Docs: An Overview

Google Docs are utilized by a wide range of users such as students, business owners, workers, office employees and many more. Many individuals rely mostly on this for countless reasons and majority is impressed and satisfied on how Google Docs work and benefit them. This web-based tool has certainly made lives easier and more convenient. This free application has posed positive impacts to different individuals coming from different sectors such as business, education and more.

Google Docs allow creating documents from total scratch with ease, making presentations and tables. The most amazing thing about Google Doc is that it enables you to work online most of your time without the need of cluttering your hard drive or desktop just to have all those data. It is packed with convenient features that allow individuals perform many things favorable to them. This also allows individuals to work on different files, and these are as follows:

Word Processed Documents

Either creating documents or uploading existing HTML, RTF, Word, OpenOffice or plain text, Google Docs can help. Files can also be saved and stored back in these formats for distribution. Google Docs also make formatting and inserting tools more convenient and easier.


Documents can easily be created from scratch and be converted into CSV, OpenOffice, Excel and plain text file. Same with the documents, created works in the Spreadsheet can be saved likewise into these formats. The navigation and layout of Spreadsheet is quite similar with Word, and the one previously mentioned provides formatting and editing tools. The spreadsheets have the capacity of creating up to 256 columns, 100 sheets and 200 cells whatever is reached first.


Works can now be exported and imported in PowerPoint format along with a given facility to be able to save as PDF files. What you see what you get editor is provided allowing users to format their slides easily and insert videos and images instantly. An ideal presentation must be 2mb in maximum size when successfully uploaded.

The remarkable thing about Google Docs that individuals can notice is that the applications are fully featured. This is quite impressive thinking about the fact that you no longer have to download or install software. Google Docs has excellent share of functionality individuals can take advantage of as long as the power of internet reigns.

It is also incredible to be working on documents on real time and at the same time noticing the changes made. Whatever changes made are automatically stored in the revision history, allowing users to track works that have been completely done on documents as well as to roll it back if needed. But since all works are performed online, there might be a danger with regards to security and safety. However, Google has the incredible capacity of providing a secured and exclusive service. The guarantee of security and protection provided by Google when utilizing the Google Docs including all the benefitsĀ  offered by this reliable and efficient web based tool areĀ  solid reasons why countless individuals cling to this online tool.