The Back End of Google Documents

Google has earned the reputations of high level of secrecy their operations. You can read different reviews about Google Documents, and you can see that there’s not a lot of information about how it operates. But based on the operations of Google Documents, many users have made some safe assumptions about its back ends.

Google has made a software suite that can handle the major functions of Google Docs. The primary software that allows Google Docs to function is the server side of the system that uses Java programming language. Java programming language is used by Google to develop and build the applications in Google Docs. Aside from the server side of the system, Google also have user’s side of the system, and this is called client side. The client side is consisted of Web applications enhanced by Javascript programming language.

You need to understand that the Java and Javascript are not the same.  Java language is used by programmers to build programs ranging from small to fully functional applications. It is also possible to use Java language in creating applications that works independently with other software. While Javascript language is used by developers to enhance Web services, and it does not work outside Web browser experiences. Beyond these things, only people from Google know things about how the Google Docs supporting systems works. But based on Google File System and other computer networks of Google, users have made an assumption about the back ends of Google Docs.

  • Many users presume that Google uses off-the-shelf or inexpensive hardware as possible as it can be. Most people presume that the servers handling Google are not highly advanced or extremely powerful. Since the hardware used by Google is cheap, it is easier to add plenty of resources to the system. It’s called a scalable system when adding more capacity to the system is made easy.
  • Users also presume that the possible arrangements of Google hardware include database servers and applications servers. Application servers power the software applications that run Google Docs and the database servers act as storage. Many users also believe that Google also use administrative or control server that serves as gatekeeper.
  • Since inexpensive hardware is not always reliable, Google designed its computer systems knowing that parts can fail regularly. This means that Google Docs files are stored in multiple servers. If one of the Google Docs servers failed, it can get information from other servers. The sub-servers send messages to the central server to update files.
  • One of the main concerns in Google Docs is the safety and security. Entrusting Google with the valuable information about your company is a big concern. However, users can ensure that their valuable information is completely safe at Google online servers. Users can be sure that all their data are kept safe and private unless they choose to share their files to other people. All accounts have passwords and only authorized person can access their account. Therefore, it is clear that safety and security of Google Docs are highly reliable.