Powerful Google Docs Features

Google Documents is an online data- storage application that is being provided by Google for free. This powerful online tool enables users to create documents and spreadsheets easily. As opposed to Microsoft Office software, Google Docs is found to be more beneficial on the part of many business owners.

It is loaded with software that allows individuals to edit documents directly. It has applications similar to Microsoft Office software. For instance, Google Docs has a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications similar to Microsoft Office. However, the use of Google Docs provides more benefits compared to Microsoft Office software. Google Docs allows sharing and collaborative editing of documents. Sharing of Microsoft office documents is also possible. But you have to deal with the hassle given by numerous email attachments and threats of viruses.

To provide you with efficient services, Google Docs is equipped with powerful features. Apart from the fact that is offered for free, this powerful online tool can be used with any browser and various mobile devices. The developers of Google work really hard to create innovations to improve their quality of service. One of the concerns they tackled is the amount of screen space that usually gets wasted in the case of mobile devices.

Google Docs is now loaded with the feature that enables you to hide the wasted screen space thus maximizing the screen space. To remove the white space, simply click View and Compact Controls. To hide the menu and toolbar, just click View and Hide Controls. It is also loaded with drag and drop feature. This feature enables you to drag any file on to the file uploading spot and Google Docs will save any type of file. For instance, a Microsoft Word document will be converted automatically into Google Docs format. You can also insert an image in the document by simply dragging and dropping it. Google Docs also features various fonts such as Cambria, Calibri and Consolas. For android mobile phones, Corsiva and Droid are recommended.

There are a lot of enhancements done to Google Docs. To help you create effective presentations, this online tool is now equipped with special features. You can now choose from various chart options. There are added chart styles and enhanced chart editor and graphics. These features are truly user friendly. Your video files can now be played back from within any browser. You can also create organizational charts easily because of the enhanced drawing app. Google Docs also provides automatic substitution. This can save you a lot of time because you do not have to use any ALT codes.

Google Documents allows you to work collaboratively. To have coordination, it has a feature that allows people to work on the same document. You can use the chat window that allows you to have a conversation as you work on the document simultaneously. This means that two individuals can work on the same version of the document without overwriting each other’s work. It also depends on you whether you want to keep your document private or share it to the public.