New Features of Google Documents

Google Docs is a free service designed by Google that can be used in collaborating documents with other people. This service is similar to Dropbox in which it provides free disk space online. On the other hand, what makes this service distinctive to others is because it allows direct editing of the documents. Since it was introduced, Google Docs has offered features that are helpful for personal and even business purposes.

Google’s developers continue their hard work to improve the current features and at the same time add new features. That is why this web-based apps is becoming the mainstream in business application and mobile computing. The good thing is that Google Docs is accessible in any browser as well as mobile devices free of charge. That is most people who need to upload and store big files prefer using this service. In this sense, if you are interested in using this service, you should be familiar of its new features.

Maximize Screen Space

Since mobile devices have a big screen space that is deemed wasted, Google has added a new feature on Google Docs. The feature allows the user to streamline or hide the interface.

Drag and Drop

Another new feature of Google Docs is the Drag and Drop in which the user can drag any file onto the upload area for storage. However, if you will upload documents in Microsoft Word, it will be automatically converted into Google Docs format. Likewise, you can also drag any image that you want to include in the documents by using this feature.


New fonts are also added to Docs like the Consolas, Cambria and Calibri that are also suitable in both Windows & and Windows Vista. Likewise, if you are using Android mobile phones, new fonts are also available such as the Droid and Corsiva.

Redesigned Chart Features

The chart options are enhanced, giving the user better looking charts. New styles of charts are added, the graphics are improved, and the chart editor is overhauled. Likewise, additional feature is offered in which the chart can be viewed and reflects in the other documents.

Video Playback Enhancements

If you will upload a video file in the Google Docs space, you can play it back within the browser. The interface works like an embedded YouTube video.

Indeed, there are other new features available in Google Docs that will make using the service a lot easier. By using this service synchronizing data is made simpler through the centralized system. It will save time in doing individual report especially if you are heading a sales force. Google is an example of a central server in which group of people can update, change and save the data without losing the information and overwriting data source.

The good thing about using the Google Docs is that it does not require any software. All you need to have is an internet connection and Google account. Likewise, you can access your data stored in the system anytime and anywhere you may be. This means that even if the group members do not meet personally, yet they can work the project or the documents simultaneously.