Google Documents Package

Most internet users believe that Google Documents is the same with Microsoft Office Docs that involves simple document creations and software applications. Apparently, these things are not true. Google Documents is not a suite of application that includes document creation application and many other useful applications. Google Docs is a package that is available for online use only. It is composed of features that can take away your burdens from running your business. It is available in any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

The software applications that are included in Google Documents are everything that businesses need. Google Docs is a fully functional office type software package that is available for free. The software applications included in Google Docs are:

  • Documents: This feature of Google Docs allows easier creation for word processing compared to other office type software package.
  • Presentations:┬áThis feature is highly useful for creating different types of business presentations.
  • Spreadsheets: Google Docs Spreadsheets allow easier creation of basic spreadsheet.
  • Forms: Google Docs Forms are useful to create questionnaires and forms.
  • Drawing: This is an application in Google Docs that can be used to create better drawings and diagrams.
  • Google Documents is beneficial to business through the following;

  • There is no need to purchase a software license for each computer. Remember that each computer used by your employee needs its own license, and it the cost of purchasing a software license can add to the expenses of your business.
  • It also eliminates your needs in maintaining servers, or maintain patches and updates.
  • Only a single copy of document exists and safely stored in online server. Anyone in your company who is authorized can access, edit, or update the document. There is no need to duplicate the document and send it to every employee that needs to edit, update, and change it.
  • There is no need to be in the office to work in the document. Anyone can access in the document anywhere they are as long as there is an internet connection. The scenario of losing a document from a malfunctioning computer is eradicated.
  • Because Google Docs files and documents are stored in online server, anyone can collaborate and work on the document from different locations. This is highly bene00ficial to your employees as they can even work even in they are at home.
  • The primary benefits of Google Documents for businesses and all users is the opportunity to create and share their work online. It has all the features that anyone need in doing the things they do easier and do other things that they need. All the features and benefits that it provides are for free and come with online security and sharing. Your work is place online and only the authorized person can access it. There is no way that people without permission can access your work like when your files are stored in your server. Businesses, colleagues, and any groups can work on single document even if members are miles apart from one another.