Google Documents Features Info

Google has its own office suite called Google Docs. Now, you can work on presentations, spreadsheets, and documents that you can import through the software/service’s interface or you can also send it via email. You can work on different formats including PDF, XML, HTML, ODF, RTF, and Text. This web-based service automatically saves your documents, which is a great plus because you won’t lose data even if something goes wrong with your desktop or laptop.

The recent versions of various browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox supports Google Documents, regardless of your operating system (e.g. Linux, Apple OS X, or Microsoft Windows).

If you need to edit documents in real time, you will surely benefit from this collaborative tool. Multiple users can share, open, or edit documents simultaneously. Collaboration is facilitated because Google Docs users are notified whenever a discussion/comment is replied to or made. Real time changes can’t be highlighted when you are writing. The current position of the editor is represented by a cursor or color, so when someone else is viewing the document, they will be able to see the edits.

At present, Google Documents supports two formats (ISO standard) – Office Open XML and OpenDocument. You can also view other formats such as .xls and .doc; take note of the word ‘view’. You can open and export documents with OpenDocument, but with Office Open XML, you are limited to open only.

If you are looking for a cloud computing service, you can also rely on Google Documents. Unlike other sharing services that require fees, this service is offered for free. Many of today’s businesses are now using Google Docs because it helps them save money, it is very accessible, and the sharing features are quite good. Even educational institutions and students are now using this web-based service.

There is a plug-in called Google Cloud Connect that you can use to automatically synchronize or store PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Word documents to Google Documents. The copy that is saved online is updated automatically whenever you save the document. If you edited Microsoft Office documents online, it will be synchronized with the Google Docs copy once you go online.

The current suite also offers Google Forms that is quite handy when you are collecting quiz or survey information. The information is automatically transferred to the spreadsheet with the same filename. If you are working on drawings or images, you can use Google Drawings. This feature allows collaboration of drawings/images. You can create, share, and edit with ease. Certain subset features are also found in Google Presentation.

If you are writing documents, you will find the Research Tool very handy. Last June 2012, Google was able to acquire Quickoffice. Offline editing capability was announced on June 28 by Clay Bavor, Google Apps’ product management director.

The free 1GB storage is more than enough for casual users of this service or application. By April 2012, the free storage was increased to 5GB through Google Drive.

These are the features of Google Documents that you can look forward to, and be sure to try this free service!