Google Docs Spreadsheets

Google Docs Spreadsheets makes it easier to create basic spreadsheets. Google Docs is free; therefore, there’s no necessary purchase and installation required. You can create basic spreadsheets with the use of your Google account, a webs browser, and internet connection.

Google Documents is easy to use, and the working screen is uncluttered making it easy for you to find the options that you need. Google Docs Spreadsheets can be edited and shared over the internet. This makes them ideal for groups of colleagues to collaborate on certain project without having much time to coordinate due to their busy schedules.

Google Docs Spreadsheets has an online storage and allows sharing of files over the internet. If a group is working on a single project, any one of them can access and edit the file without the need to send such file through email. Spreadsheets from Google Docs are compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files, and the commonly used features of spreadsheet are available. You do not even have to worry about complicated operations as Google Documents is user friendly. You can start making basic spreadsheets even if you are new into this.

To create a basic spreadsheet, just log into your Google account and open new file. Once logged in, you can create new file, upload one of your file on your system unit, or work on existing file stored in your Google Docs account. Just like in Excel, you can also create formulas in Google Docs Spreadsheets to make to easier for you to perform calculations. There is even an extensive list of built-in functions that are highly accessible to use. Aside from that, Google Docs Spreadsheets also have common formatting options that you can use to improve your spreadsheet. You can apply number formatting, change the colors, alter font size and styles, and add borders.

You have two options in saving your work: download the file to your computer or save it to your Google account. Despite the advantages of Google Docs Spreadsheets, there are two shortcomings that you may want to take a better look. Spreadsheets in Google Docs can be printed directly. To print the spreadsheets, you will need to save it as an html file and print them using your web browser, or you can download your file to your system unit for printing. Another shortcoming of Google Docs Spreadsheets is creating graphs. You cannot create graphs using Google Docs Spreadsheets, and this can be an annoyance if graphs are important in your work.

The best thing about Google Docs Spreadsheets and other programs is that you can keep your files neatly organized in one place. You can open your basic spreadsheets from its original location. Plus, you don’t have to download anything. Templates, tools, and programs are highly accessible through your Google account. Plus, your spreadsheets are stored in your Google account and not in your computer. This will enable you to access your files even if you are away from your computer at home or anywhere you are as long as there is an internet connection.