Google Docs: How it Works

Google Documents or Google Docs is a web-based suite of applications offered for free by Google. It has become a storage service during the previous years but was replaced by Google Drive. Google Docs allow individuals to edit and create documents over the internet while collaborating with other individuals in real time. This displays a combination of the powerful feature of Spreadsheets and Writely with combined presentation programs. Google Docs have 1 GB data file storage 2 years ago, but now, it was raised to 10 GB in total size.

The Google Docs’ system requirement is easy and simple. The only thing that must be given prior attention to is the web browser. Google Docs displays an ideal compatibility to version 6 or greater of the Internet Explorer and higher versions of Safari and Firefox. In order to access Google Docs successfully, you have to create your own Google account. Creating accounts in Google are absolutely free, and all you have to do is to secure a valid email address. You also have to be willing to subject yourself under the terms, rules and regulations exclusively set by Google.

Creating Gmail account simply means having a valid Google account. Signing for Gmail entails the chance of accessing Google Docs and all other Google applications. With a valid account, you are also allowed to create new spreadsheets, documents and presentations or upload chosen files into the system. Google doc is also displays excellent compatibility with the following format:

  • (.sxw) StarOffice format
  • (.csv) Comma separated Value Files
  • (.txt) Text files
  • (.rtf) Rich Text Format
  • HTML or Hypertxt Markup Language and many more
  • Individuals are also allowed to make documents and directly emailing to a specific address that is based on the one registered during the creation of the account. Google Docs utilizes the email’s subject as the name of the document and turn the contents into comprehensive documents. Attaching files in emails and sending them into the assigned address are made easy with the help of Google Docs. This has also the capacity of converting file attachment into HTML or Hypertxt Markup Language format and saves this into an account.

    Once you have imported or created a file in Google Docs, you automatically become the owner. Owners are allowed to make the necessary editing and deleting of the file as well as inviting viewers and collaborators. The latter is also allowed exporting and editing files. The owners can also decide on giving collaborators the capacity of inviting other to a project.

    Viewers are allowed to view files, but they are not allowed to do the editing. File and folder system are said to be the organizational approach for Google Docs. Creating folders and subfolders for the files are allowed. Google has provided individuals with lots of ways of sorting data by latest updates or alphabetically. The Google’s mission is probably to organize information of the world. Keeping this in mind will make individuals realize the value of Google Docs and all other Google applications to individuals.