Google Doc History and Features

In this generation, a lot of people are making use of Google especially when they are searching for their assignments and projects. The presence of Google is a great help for them due to the efficient and comprehensive information that it usually give to a lot of people especially for students. In this case, you will see that Google is very popular for people who are usually doing some research.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a web based freeware that is usually used for office and is proposed by Google through the services of their Google Drive. It also lets users create and edit some documents via online while connecting or working with the other users at the same time. The Google Docs is the combination of the features of Spreadsheets and Writely that has presentation program that associates in the technology create and design by the Tonic System.

History of Google Doc

The Google Docs is commencing by the two different products such as Google Spreadsheet and Writely. The Writely is a word processor that is usually based in web, and was made by Upstartle. The Upstartle is a software company that promotes the Writely in 2005. But before it was promoted to a lot of people, this was the first planned and assessed by programmer Sam Schillace. He worked already in the Full Write and Claris Home Page, and he tries out the latest Ajax technology as well as the content editable if it will function in the browsers.

In 2006, the spreadsheet was announced as the latest Google Labs Spreadsheet. This was commencing from the acquisition of the product XL2Wed by the 2Web Technology. The Writely’s has its original and unmatched feature, and these are the access control and collaborative text editing suite. The dialog boxes, menus, and keyboard shortcuts are just like what users usually expect in the desktop word processor like the Libre Office Writer and Microsoft Word.

The Features of Google Doc

The spreadsheet, documents, and presentation can be made in the Google Docs as well as send them by email or web interface. These documents are saved in the user’s local computer that has a different format including Office Open XML, HTML, RTF, ODF, PDF, and TEXT. Documents are immediately saved in the Google Server to avoid loss of data. The reviewed history is also saved so that the previous edit can be seen and check.

Google Docs usually act as the combination of tool that is used for editing documents. These documents may be edited, shared and opened through numerous users. Several users may not be informed immediately, but the application may inform the users when there is a discussion or comment made.

This information about Google Doc must be kept in mind because you can use this near the future. It is significant to have a lot of ideas and knowledge about it due to its benefits and help that can be given to a specific person who is making use of it.