Easy Ways to Share Data with Google Documents

Google has been one of the most popular and most advanced platforms used by most people these days. With the huge utilization of this well known search engine, it also gets to develop allowing it to introduce different useful tools, which include the application of Google Documents. This is actually one of the features that are sought after by a lot of people. This is basically because of the functional and useful features offered by this Google tool.

 Once you’ve already created your own Google Documents, you can then discover the ways on how you will be able to share it. The real essence of these documents lies on the things you will be able to do once you already created them. The following are few of the helpful tips you can use to get begin taking advantage of the tool’s advanced features.

1)Share the Document. You may share the document you’ve created to just about every individual you want to. It may a friend or a colleague. You can control its accessibility from which you can only select the people who can view it. Any document that you make using Google Document will automatically be set in private. Nobody can view it but the creator unless you share them. When sharing a new document, you may only click on the “Share” button located at the top side on the right. This will provide you the list of the various ways you can share the document. You may continue and explore the available options.

2)Arrange your Documents. When you regularly use Google Documents, you probably would wish to arrange them by folders. In order to attain this, you’ll need to make your own folder. You may view the entire folders and documents from the primary page of Google Docs. Probably, it is already open on the browser, thus you only need to give a click on the tab. If it’s not yet opened, you may access it from your document through clicking on the logo of the Google Docs, or simply open another window and then type in Docs.Google.Com.

3)Once you’re on the primary page for the documents, you may click on “New” button, and then choose “Folder” from the menu. You’ll be directed to the page from which you can provide a name for your folder. After which, you may then click on “Save”. You will stay on the folder, thus you have to hit “All Items” at the left hand menu’s top. This will lead you back to the documents’ list. In order to add another document to your created folder, you may easily locate it then drag it to your new folder. After you’ve done so, click the folder within the menu in left hand. This should direct you to its folder page with the new document on it. Keep in mind that Google Documents doesn’t get rid of the document from the list of All Items.

By considering these tips mentioned above, it should be easy and fast for you to comprehend how you will be able to share the documents to the people you prefer to share it. So, make sure to always keep these things in mind.