Benefits of Google Documents

Google Docs is a free online data-storage service provided by Google. This powerful online tool is equipped with applications almost similar to Microsoft Office software. It has word processing application that allows users to create word documents. It also has a spreadsheet application that enables you to create financial statements, budget proposals, and company reports. You can also create effective presentations with the use of Google Docs.

Google Docs has some advantages that you cannot get from the regular Microsoft Office software. One of these advantages of Google Docs over the traditional Microsoft Office software is the form application. This application allows you to create different forms depending on your preferences.

Another advantage of Google Docs is that it is easy to share documents with your colleagues. It will still depend on you whether you wish to keep your documents private, shared or public. You can share your documents with several individuals depending on your choice. You can even limit the access of other people to your documents.

Since Google Docs is a web based application, it is also easy to do collaborative editing. As you share your documents with your work colleagues, they will also have access to your documents. Your colleagues can view the same version of the document. This means that there is a reduced chance of two individuals overwriting each other’s revisions. You can also give access to only one person to do the editing for you. It really depends on your preferences. In addition to this, Google Docs is now equipped with a feature that allows people to communicate while they are working on the documents. You can use the chat window to have a chat with other individuals who collaborate to the documents.

Google Docs is truly easy and convenient to use. You can access your documents anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can even use mobile devices to access your documents. The use of android phones, netbook and tablets is very effective to create, share and edit documents. You are no longer required to create a new document from a scratch. You can edit existing documents for your convenience. Google Docs converts automatically any file or document into its format. It also enables you to save any kind of file such as word documents, audio files and pictures.

As a business owner, you want to save money while still finding ways to improve your organization. Google Docs can help you with that goal definitely. This powerful online tool is provided by Google for free. You are no longer required to buy software licenses. When you use Microsoft Office software, you will be required to spend a lot of money for different things. Of course, it is a terrible idea that you have to spend a lot just to improve your organization. When you use Google Docs, you cannot even encounter any software compatibility problem since all of your colleagues can edit the documents with the use of the same software. There is no doubt that Google Docs is truly beneficial on the part of all organizations.