Advantages of Google Documents over Microsoft Office Software

The Microsoft Office software provides you with a number of benefits. It allows you to create documents and spreadsheets. You can also share these documents with other individuals. But you can only do such internally. This means that you will find it hard to share your documents with people outside your organization. You cannot avoid the hassle of doing email attachments and threats of viruses.

With Google Documents, you can easily create and share any documents with your colleagues. This online-based data storage application is offered by Google without any charge. This powerful tool allows sharing and collaborative editing of your documents with other individuals all at the same time. Google Docs is really beneficial on the part of business owners. It has a word processing application that allows you to create and share articles and memos with your associates. It also has a spreadsheet application that you can use to create and share company reports, financial statements and budget proposals with your team.

Google Docs enables you to store any type of files including word documents, audio files and photos. You are also provided with options whether you want to keep it private or share your documents with just one or two individuals or to the public. This online tool allows you to limit the access of other people to your documents. The best thing about Google Docs is that it provides you with access to your documents from anywhere for as long as you have an internet connection.

It is equipped with features that will help you carry out an efficient work. It has the ability to detect misspelled words that you typed on your worksheet. It can also detect if you have to add a link on your spreadsheet. This can save you time as it automatically converts text into a link. You do not have to copy the URL and paste it on your spreadsheet. Google Docs can recognize over 53 languages. This means that you are allowed to use any language that you prefer. The use of this powerful online tool is truly beneficial to all business owners. You do not have to spend anything to use this service because it is offered by Google for free.

Google Docs can help you save money as you do not have to purchase software licenses. Editing documents is easy because you will only use the same software. This means that you will not encounter any software compatibility problems. Collaborative editing of documents is also easy and efficient. There is a small possibility for two individuals to overwrite each other’s document. As it is online, people who are working on a document simultaneously can also have coordination. You can use the chat window feature at the side of the document you are working on.

Compared to Microsoft Office software, Google Docs can provide more benefits. As a business owner, it is a great tool for you to improve your organization. It can help you save money because it is offered for free. You can create, share and edit relevant documents easily. This is truly a powerful tool that you can use for the benefit of your organization.